Corporate Social Responsibility

Iím ready to strike!
I want to send a message to Walmart: itís time to stop bullying Associates who speak out! No one should have to risk their jobs to speak the truth to Walmart. If Walmart doesnít stop trying to bully Associates, I will join associates across the country on strike.
Mission Creep-y: Google Is Quietly Becoming One of the Nationís Most Powerful Political Forces While Expanding Its Information-Collection Empire
Google is so rapidly expanding both its information-collecting capabilities and its political clout that it could become too powerful to be held accountable, a new Public Citizen report finds. ďMission Creep-y: Google Is Quietly Becoming One of the Nationís Most Powerful Political Forces While Expanding Its Information-Collection EmpireĒ looks at the ways Google is accruing power both in terms of the information it collects about the public and the sway it has over federal and state governments, as well as civil society.
99Rise: How do we win?
Strategic Objective: The strategic objective of 99Rise - our ultimate concrete goal - is to reclaim democracy from the rule of Big Money by winning an amendment to the United States Constitution which guarantees fundamental political equality and ends the corrupting influence of money-in-politics for good.
Food Chain Alliance Featured Member:The Street Vendor Project
The Street Vendors Project (SVP) is a member-based organization with nearly 2,000 vendor members working together to ensure the rights of street vendor operators in New York City. In partnership with the Urban Justice Center, a non-profit that provides legal advocacy and representation for marginalized New Yorkers, the Street Vendor Project was founded as a workers center for and by the street vendors of New York City. With over 40 affiliates in the United States, the SVP is also a member of an international alliance of street vendors who promotes solidarity and equal rights for street vendors around the globe.
IFG Programs & Activities
THE INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON GLOBALIZATION (IFG) is a North-South research and educational institution composed of leading activists, economists, scholars, and researchers providing analysis and critiques on the cultural, social, political, and environmental impacts of economic globalization.
ForestEthics: Three reasons why we donít want crude by rail
There are countless reasons why moving explosive oil in unsafe rail cars is, to put it simply, not a good idea. Crude by rail puts our community safety and our landscapes at risk. All that risk, and whereís the reward? Thatís the kicker. For you and me, there is none. Here are three reasons why oil by rail is unacceptable in North America.

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