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BENNY Awards

2006 BENNY Awards

BENNY Awards recognize excellence in Corporate Campaigning and are voted on by the BEN Membership.


First Place Winner:

Think Outside the Bottle Campaign

of Corporate Accountability International wins $15,000!


Second Place Winner: 

Sakhalin II Campaign

 of Sakhalin Environment Watch and Pacific Environment wins $10,000!

Third Place Winner!!:  

Clean Up Ecuador Campaign

 of Amazon Watch wins $5,000!


Other Nominated Campaigns:

Alternative Labor Relations for the New Economy

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC)

Crashing Philip Morris's Art Party

ForestEthics' Victoria's Dirty Secret

Get the Lead Out of Children's Products Campaign

Great Bear Rainforest Campaign

Health Care Without Harm PVC Elimination Campaign

Jump Start Ford

Kimberly-Clark Boreal Forest Campaign

Maori Mix Cigarettes

No Dirty Gold

PVC Consumer Campaign

Schools not Shopping Malls

Separation of Oil and State

SOS: Safegaurd Organic Standards Campaign

Turning Apple on Electronic Waste