Stand Up for Strong Organic Standards
Food & Water Watch
When you buy organic, you should feel safe knowing that your food was raised without synthetic chemicals or genetic engineering. That's why we have the USDA organic label in the first place! But, in April, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) will meet to decide whether they want to grant organic apple and pear growers yet another extension on ending the use of the antibiotic tetracycline. Sign the petition below demanding that the NOSB protect organic standards and take a stand against the use of tetracycline in fruit production today. Sign now and we'll deliver your petition signature to the NOSB.
Citizen Video for Journalists: A New Blog Series
Citizen videos take us to corners of the world that reporters cannot access, and put us on the scene long before investigators arrive. Average citizens now have an unprecedented ability to record, upload, and share what they see. Citizen video was responsible for the rapid circulation of news of Oscar Grant's fatal shooting. Citizen video was responsible for the rapid circulation of news of Oscar Grant’s fatal shooting. Think of the death of Oscar Grant in California, where video taken by fellow passengers was used to instantly spread awareness of his shooting by a transit officer, and was submitted as evidence in his court trial. Or the war in Syria, where mainstream news is banned but civilians and soldiers have taken up cameras and YouTube accounts to document the uprising. Citizen video is changing the roles of reporters, editors, and audiences. And it’s raising new technical and ethical concerns for those covering the news.
Bush’s Corporate Education Group Operates from ALEC’s Playbook
by Mike HallAFL CIO
The American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC's) long history of influencing state legislators—sometimes even writing legislation for them—to pass laws and promote policies that advance a corporate profit agenda, and at times an extreme conservative agenda, is well documented.
Learn how to campaign like Coal-Free UNC!
As a new organizer, what fundamental campaign tools and organizing principles did you rely upon? How did you and other campaigners use these fundamentals in the campaign? What different kinds of personal skills do teams use successfully? What are the lessons that other activists, no matter their level of experience, can take from this campaign to win against powerful and entrenched special interests?
Teach the TAP
Food&Water Watch
Engage and mobilize young people to take action in their schools and communities. While the simple decision to stop at the water fountain rather than the vending machine can make a real difference, students can make a a much bigger impact by becoming experts and advocates for the right to clean, safe, and affordable tap water. The lessons have been designed around middle school standards from the four core subject areas —English, Math, Social Studies & Science — but many of them are flexible to be used across the curriculum.
Demand your DOT rights: Privacy 2.0
Outdated privacy laws are allowing the government to engage in a shopping spree in the treasure trove of personal information collected by companies. From warrantless wiretapping, to children being on the “no fly list” and peace activists branded as “terrorists,” the government has been spending time and energy building vast databases about innocent individuals. It’s time to upgrade privacy laws to ensure proper oversight of government access to private details of our lives. It’s time to stop paying for new technology with our privacy. It’s time to Demand our dotRights!
Tell Disney to guarantee deforestation and tiger extinction will no longer end up in the bedtime stories of American children.
Tell Disney to guarantee deforestation and tiger extinction will no longer end up in the bedtime stories of American children. In March of 2010, RAN confronted the top ten US publishers of children's books with lab tests showing their books were being made from Indonesian rainforest destruction. Eight of these ten companies have now committed to stop using paper from controversial Indonesian fiber, but Disney has lagged behind. Disney still has no policy in place to prevent paper from some the world’s worst rainforest destroyers, APP and APRIL, from ending up in its books. Read more: Disney has a story they don’t want you to hear | Rainforest Action Network
VICTORY! Scholastic Severs Ties With the Coal Industry
Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood
Scholastic announced that it would stop distributing “The United States of Energy,” a controversial fourth grade curriculum paid for by the American Coal Foundation. The materials were also removed from Scholastic’s website. Scholastic’s decision came after a two-day campaign led by the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC), Rethinking Schools, Friends of the Earth (FoE), Greenpeace USA, and the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD).
Allied Media Conference 2011
Allied Media
AMC2011 CONFERENCE AT A GLANCE JUNE 23, 2011 - JUNE 26, 2011
Meet the Food Rights Network!
Food Rights Network
Welcome to the the Food Rights Network, a project of the Center for Media and Democracy. We are dedicated to investigative research and advocacy on crucial food issues.
Judge Rejects Settlement in Google Books Case, Saying It Goes Too Far
by Jennifer HowardChronicle of Higher Education
The proposed settlement in the long-standing class-action lawsuit over Google's vast book-scanning project is dead, at least in its current form. In a ruling on Tuesday, the federal judge overseeing the case rejected the settlement, saying that it "would simply go too far," even though "the digitization of books and the creation of a universal digital library would benefit many." But he also urged the parties to consider revising the settlement, and suggested an approach that would deal with his major concerns.
Mainstream moving further upstream to "Combat Environmental Causes of Cancer"
Breast Cancer Fund
A couple of weeks ago we presented Dr. Margaret Kripke of MD Anderson, co-author of the President's Cancer Panel report on the environment and cancer, which calls for a precautionary approach to public health, pre-market testing and regulation of toxic chemicals, with special attention given to bisphenol A (a real bad actor chemical)—all the things we have been talking about for over 10 years.
Voluntary Certifications Systems: Emergence, Power and Challenges
Most consumers today are confronted with wide array of seals, logos, and taglines declaring a products status as FairTrade, green, or certified in some way. These certifications have become an important tool for consumers in deciding how they want to spend their money, but they also have become so diverse and widespread that it can be hard to tell what they represent. What do those logos really mean? What are they rating? And who created them? Please join BEN and Dr. Michael E. Conroy for for this overview session of certification systems and learn the basics of how to rate the raters!
Human Rights Video, Privacy and Visual Anonymity in the Facebook Age
by Sam Gregory WITNESS
The successful nationwide organizing and subsequent protests in Egypt to oust the 30-year regime of President Hosni Mubarak have in part been facilitated by Facebook. But as media and technology commentators and human rights activists alike are noting, using Facebook for activism is fraught with risks.
Lincoln's opposition to student loan reform highlights senator's ties to banking interests
by  Chriss KrommISS
Two Democratic U.S. senators are expected to vote "nay" on the reconciliation bill -- although their opposition will only be partially due to health reform.
Detroit High Schools Teach How To Work at Walmart
by Liz
Four Detroit public high schools have decided classroom time should be used to train 60 students to work at Walmart.
Searching for ways to enlighten worker rights illiterates
Human Rights for Workers
How do you talk about worker rights to people who are illiterate about worker rights issues?
Victim: Jaime Lagunez Otero
AAAS & Frente Civico
Issues: Academic and scientific freedom; Freedom of opinion and expression; Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion
Will secret copyright treaty restrict your digital rights?
by Jeff PortenMacWorld
Most Americans expect that their laws are only passed after some period of public debate between Republicans and Democrats or their news-channel proxies. However, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) may be an exception to this rule, and if it is signed, many United States laws concerning the Internet and ownership of data may become substantively different.
Fair Trade Gift Guide Offers More Than Chocolate
by Jessica RootTree Hugger
There's more to fair trade gifts than tote bags re-constructed from rice bags (as cute as they may be) or coffee, tea and chocolate (as delicious as they are).
Vanilla Sound
by Ginger StrandOrion
Richard Keil stands ankle-deep in the tidal flats below Seattle’s Magnolia Bluff, tugging some test strips from his backpack. The bluff rises gently behind him, and the rippled sand is slowly disappearing beneath the rising tide. Before him, Puget Sound sparkles in the July sun.
Internet Reads From a New Script
In what is being described as the biggest change to how the Internet works in 40 years, the ICANN Internet oversight organization has finally approved plans to allow Web addresses to include non-Latin letters, such as Arabic and Chinese, instead of just
The Aspen Institute Announces Alternative Business School Rankings
by Aspen InstituteBHRRC
The Aspen Institute today releases the 2009-2010 edition of Beyond Grey Pinstripes, a biennial survey and...ranking of full-time MBA programs.
FCC Backs Net Neutrality
Federal Communications Commission Chair Julius Genachowski proposed two rules Monday that would preserve the Internet’s status quo of openness and equality.
Crisis Pregnancy Centers' Agenda Includes Coerced Adoptions, The Nation Reports
National Partnership for Women
Although there is growing awareness of the deceptive tactics antiabortion-rights crisis pregnancy centers use to restrict abortion access, CPCs also have a lesser-known "broader agenda, ... not only to induce women to 'choose life' but to choose adoption," The Nation reports.
The End of the Business Simile
by Daniel EnnisInside Higher Ed
It turns out that academics, at least in lore insulated from the pitches and rolls of the private sector, are not immune to the effects of recession. Even a cosseted tenured professor like me, creature of the humanities, unable to tell a bull from a bear, a credit default swap from a collaterized debt obligation, realizes that times are tight and that the economic downturn has changed everyone’s world.
20,000,000 girls under 12 work fulltime
Human Rights for Workers
About 100,000,000 girls in the world go to work instead of to school, according to estimates of the UN International Labor Organization. More than half of these, or 53,000,000, work in hazardous jobs in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, domestic services, and commercial sex, and 20,000,000 of these girls are under 12.
The coming collapse of the American middle class
by UCTVBrassCheck
Since 1970, for two income family with two kids: * Mortgage payments: up 76% * Healthy families that are getting employers sponsored health insurance: up 74% * Owning multiple cars: up 52% * Child care: up 100% +++ * Taxes: up 25%
Teachers to Scholastic: Don't Use Us to Market Toys, Make-up, and Brands to Children in School
by The Campaign for a Commercial-Free ChildhoodOCA
"Stop enlisting teachers to sell toys, make-up, and brands to students through book clubs."
FCC's Copps: let's regulate!
by Matthew Lasar ars technica
Thursday was day 115 of the Age of Obama, and to celebrate, a merry mob of media activists, academics, entrepreneurs, and government biggies packed the seventh floor of the Newseum in Washington, DC to attend Free Press's Changing Media Summit. There, they received The Word.
Cafeteria Kickbacks
by Lucy KomisarIn these Times
At the end of the 2006 school year, children’s nutrition advocate Dorothy Brayley had a disturbing conversation with a local dairy representative. He had come to her office to discuss participation in the summer trade show of food providers she runs as director of Kids First Rhode Island.
Colleges Profit as Banks Market Credit Cards to Students
by Jonothan GlaterNYT
When Ryan T. Muneio was tailgating with his parents at a Michigan State football game this fall, he noticed a big tent emblazoned with a Bank of America logo. Inside, bank representatives were offering free T-shirts and other merchandise to those who applied for credit cards and other banking products.
Pass Up the Poison Plastic - the PVC-Free Guide for Your Family & Home
Pass Up the Poison Plastic - the PVC-Free Guide for Your Family & Home lists the most common consumer products made out of PVC and safer PVC-free products including baby products, children's toys, electronics, and more.
CorpWatch and KPFA Radio Launch "Afghanistan 2008: Seven Years After the Taliban" Multimedia Project Collaboration
CorpWatch and KPFA Radio Launch "Afghanistan 2008: Seven Years After the Taliban" Multimedia Project Collaboration.
Chicago Heights school unveils Earth-friendly makeover in partnership with Earthday and Walmart.
by Emma Graves Fitzsimmons | Tribune reporterChicago Tribune
With innovations such as solar panels and a biodiesel bus, Bloom High School in Chicago Heights is going green.
Report Says Public Outreach, Done Right, Aids Policymaking
by Cornelia DeanNYT
For decades, laws have required many government agencies to seek public participation in the establishment of environmental policies. And for decades critics have derided the requirement as producing little more than confusion, delay, expense, distorted science and, as a government report once put it, “a proliferation of opportunities to misinterpret or misapply required procedures.”
Bridging the Class Divide: And Other Lessons for Grassroots Organizing
by Linda StoutBuy at Beacon* Support BEN
A practical and inspirational guide to overcoming barriers of class and race. Again and again social change movements--on matter s from the environment to women's rights--have been run by middle-class leaders. But in order to make real progress toward economic and social change, poor people--those most affected by social problems--must be the ones to speak up and lead.
High Schools Add Classes Scripted by Corporations
by Anne Marie ChakerWSJ online
In a recent class at Abraham Clark High School in Roselle, N.J., business teacher Barbara Govahn distributed glossy classroom materials that invited students to think about what they want to be when they grow up. Eighteen career paths were profiled, including a writer, a magician, a town mayor -- and five employees from accounting giant Deloitte LLP.
VICTORY!Strong Scholastic Paper Policy Commits to 25% Recycled Content
As You Sow
As You Sow congratulates Scholastic Inc., the largest publisher of children’s’ books, for adopting an industry-leading environmentally preferable sourcing policy, including strong commitments to recycled content, supply chain certification, and clean production methods.
Creating Sustainable Cities: The San Francisco Bay Area and New York City Are Leading the Way
by Michelle ChenWomen's International Perspective
Angela Greene has a tough job: she and her workcrew scale the rooftops of Richmond, California to run wires, lay racks, and bend metal piping. Yet in the end, when she unfurls a gleaming solar panel over her community, it feels easy to save the planet.
STUDY: Wal-Mart systematically challenges property tax assessments, cutting support for public schools and other local services.
by Philip MatteraGood Jobs First
The first-ever investigation of Wal-Mart's local property tax records finds that the retail giant systematically seeks to minimize its payment of taxes that support public schools and other vital government services. That is the key finding of Rolling Back Property Tax Payments, a report released today by Good Jobs First, a non-profit, non-partisan research center in Washington, DC.


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